Driver Communication Solution

TrackGPS Communicator is a mobile application developed for tablets and smart phones with Android and iOS operating system that allows communication in both directions between the dispatcher/fleet manager and the drivers on board of company vehicles.

When the driver is on the road he can, transmit to the dispatcher, in real time, information regarding the delivery or the acquiring of orders, unforeseen events that can occur on the road, deviations from a preset route or any other issues that can occur during transportation. The driver is also given the possibility to answer directly inside the application to the messages that come from the dispatcher.

The driver can have more than one vehicle assigned to him and can chose a single vehicle for receiving and sending messages.

After logging in the application and selecting a vehicle, messages from the fleet manager will be received as notifications in case the application is turned off or running in the background, enabling the driver to instantly receive those messages.

The fleet manager can, in his turn, send information, notifications or any other type of announcements to a single driver or to all drivers using the application on their smart phones or tablets.

The solution is easy to use and implies only connecting the smart phone/tablet to the vehicle’s unit board of the vehicle. 

Features and reports: