This solution is recommended for companies in which one vehicle is used by more than one person or when one employee uses more than one vehicle in his daily activity. With its help the fleet manager can see in real time who, when and how is using each vehicle.

From a technical perspective two versions of this solution are available. The first one implies only driver identification and the second, a more complex one, which in addition to driver identification allows or forbids the actual starting of the vehicle based on an authorized card.

The vehicle driver identification and sound alert solution is based on an RFID identifier/reader featuring a led and a buzzer which is installed on board of every vehicle connected to the monitoring GPS device. Each driver is given an authorized personal card which validates and registers the driver`s data in the TrackGPS system by a simple pass/touch against the identifier.

The Buzze is an integral part of the solution and will start emitting sounds from the moment the vehicle is started and the identifier`s led becomes red. The sound will only cease the moment when authentication is validated and the led light will turn green. In case the card is not authorized (or is not configured according to the GPS device), the sound will continue until the engine is stopped. This authentication is compulsory each time the engine starts.

The vehicle driver identification and start-up by RFID, provides in addition to the first option the option to not allow the actual start of the vehicle if the driver does not identify himself and does not possess a card which is authorized for starting the vehicle.

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