GPS monitoring systems, integrated with the TrackGPS platform, allow real time monitoring of the vehicle’s trip computer data. The device collects data related to travelled distance (kilometres), fuel, fuel level, engine speed (RPM), vehicle speed or engine temperature. The data is then sent to AROBS servers and transposed in reports specific to fuel consumption within the TrackGPS application.

This solution can be implemented on all vehicles built after 2002 which provide digital information based on the CAN protocol.

The CAN parameters collected and used both in reports and TrackGPS app calculations are as follows:

– Fuel consumption – used in all reports for calculating consumption

– Fuel tank level: – can be collected in two ways depending on the installed vehicle protocol:

      • In litres – the value in the solution reports is displayed directly

      • Percentage – the tank capacity needs to be filled in by the customer in vehicle management according to data in the vehicle registration certificate; a percentage of the stated value will be calculated

– Engine speed (RPM): the value will be displayed directly in the reports pertaining to the solution

– Travelled distance: on customer request all reports can be set to be calculated based on kilometres read on the vehicles dashboard. In this case, in the reports in which the travelled distance needs to be displayed, this will be calculated based on the kilometres displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard

– Engine temperature: the exact valued displayed on the dashboard is displayed in the reports pertaining to the solution

Features and reports: