car sharing

Companies whose vehicle fleet contains more than a few tens or hundreds of vehicles which are used by more than a single user usually face two main problems: the number of vehicles is either large but the degree at which each car is used is small, or the number of cars is more than small and they need to be efficiently allocated to the persons that use them.

The use of the vehicle fleet in a more efficient manner which would reduce operating and maintenance costs can be achieved by implementing a shared vehicle fleet management solution (car sharing).

The TrackGPS dedicated solution is based on an internal ticketing system for employees entitled to use company vehicles. This will enable them to track or cancel a booking according to their needs.

The fleet manager will be able to manage booking tickets (accept or refuse a request) straight from the TrackGPS application. This will allow him the extra possibility to remotely block or unblock a vehicle by means of a simple SMS. Namely, the vehicle which has been booked by an applicant can be unblocked on the day and at the time of the respective booking (+/- 30 min) by sending an SMS containing the code to the indicated phone number. The hardware remote vehicle control module allows its blocking by operating the vehicle’s central locking system so that the vehicle cannot be entered or the vehicle start feature can be blocked – the driver cannot start the vehicle even if he is in possession of the car key. Unblocking requires opening the vehicle using the central locking system and cancelling the immobilising vehicle function so that the car can be started using the contact key.

For more detailed analysis it is recommended to implement this solution along with other dedicated solutions:

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Technically the solution consists of: