Fuel Consumption Monitoring Solution

Fuel consumption is probably the most important cost indicator a transportation manager needs to monitor. The benefits of the implementation of a real time fuel consumption monitoring solution are:

  • The ability to keep constant track of the fuel level in the tank (in litres)

  • The detection and prevention of fuel leaks by comparing real consumption with refuelling

Tank fuel level variation monitoring is made possible by the use of one or more fuel sensors (litre meter probes) fitted inside the tank. If the vehicle has more than one tank, there will be a sensor fitted inside each of them. The sensors transmit via the GPRS system the exact amount in litres or percents of fuel found inside the tank and the amount of fuel consumption. This way, fuel consumption, refuelling and possible tank level changes can be analysed in real time. The solution is designed especially for transportation vehicles (lorries, buses) or utility vehicles.

From a hardware perspective, the solution consists of:

  • GPS Device

  • One or more fuel sensors (litre meter probes) fitted inside the tanks

  • Cap opening identification sensor (tank cap).

Features and reports: