GPS Semi-trailer monitoring implies real time monitoring of the opening/closing of doors pertaining to loading/unloading spaces even when they are detached from the tractor head, meaning they do not have an energy source that would allow monitoring via classic hardware equipment.

The impossibility to follow the route travelled by these semi-trailers, the real time obtaining of information regarding their location or of actual data regarding the closing and opening of their doors are issues solved from a hardware perspective by installing magnetic door sensors and specific GPS devices with stronger internal batteries which offer additional autonomy for periods of time when the semi-trailer is detached from the tractor head, as well as waterproof protection.

The role of the magnetic sensors is to register all opening or closing operations performed on loading/unloading doors, presenting the fleet manager with instruments necessary for the identification of any unwanted event such as theft or sabotage. The application also offers a complete report regarding the attaching or detaching to the tractor head, revealing any unauthorized operations.

By using these sensors the control and monitoring is based on real time information and becomes more thorough.

The TrackGPS application allows special reports to be generated, concerning semi-trailer activity. Those reports include events/alarms, temperature differences inside the storage space by making it possible to correlate data with data provided by temperature sensors if the latter are installed and also the location or the distance travelled by the semi-trailer in a certain period of time without being conditioned by the permanent connection to a tractor head.

Features and reports: