De-icing activities management solution

The implementation of a GPS monitoring solution became compulsory for de-icing companies since 2012. The TrackGPS De-icing Activities Management Solution, specially developed for such companies enables:

  • The justification of activity and work hours by automatically generating log books for all monitored vehicles and machineries.
  • Real time field information collection, necessary for vehicle fleet managers as well as for contracting public authorities
  • The efficient management of available resources: vehicles and employees in areas requiring immediate intervention
  • The reimbursement of vehicle fleet expenses with the help of log books in accordance with the regulations imposed by the public authorities.

The solution offers real time access to detailed information regarding the location of de-icing vehicles, their travelled route, travel speed, number and duration of stops, fuel consumption or other reports concerning the daily activity of on-field vehicles. Additionally, time attendance reports or monthly centralizing reports concerning de-icing activities can be generated.
A very important aspect which needs to be taken into account when implementing such solutions is the optimal electrical operation of all monitored vehicles. The battery has to charge within normal parameters and vehicle operation has to be done properly using engine contact (stop/start engine) without removing the battery terminal and without starting the vehicle using additional systems.
For a more complex analysis it is recommended to implement the solution along with other dedicated solutions:

Features and reports: